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Diabetes - "The Sweet Truth "

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The incidence and prevalence  of type II diabetes is increasing rapidly in our country .India will soon surpass china and will be labeled as diabetic capital of the world .Diabetes is a silent killer . It’s a mild diseases with serious consequences .In long term diabetes affect eyes ,kidneys ,heart , nerve   and vessels of the limbs can damage these  .
 In order to manage diabetes well one should focus on lifestyle modification. The two important aspects of lifestyle modification are Diet and Exercise.
Diet plays an important role in lives of diabetic people. The diabetic diet should  comprise of whole grains , pulses , vegetables  milk products and  poultry products  . Sugar is labelled as evil in the lives of diabetic people. But now a days there is no special diet  for people living with  diabetes. They can enjoy  all foods  same as non- diabetics . The dietary requirements of different people varies  as per their ethnicity, social  background, likes and dislikes, activity pattern and body requirements.
 One should understand which food group  should be more preferred in diet like fiber/crude fiber and one should know how frequently the food should be consumed in a day for example-: ideally 6 meal pattern should be followed .
  People with diabetes need to eat at about the same time each day , Others can be more flexible with timings of their meals,  depending on  the diabetes medicine. Eating right amount of food with the help of portion control you can manage the blood glucose level and  weight  In meal planning for diabetic people each and every food group should be included .

 The key to eating with diabetes is to eat a variety of healthy foods from all food groups -:

·       Vegetables ( non starchy)- broccoli, carrots , greens peppers and tomatoes.
Starchy- potatoes , corn , and sweet potato , yam
·       Fruits- all fruits are allowed but portion control is main key-200 grams  , avoid sugary fruits when blood sugar are high.
·       Grains- At least half of your grains for the day should be whole grains, includes wheat , rice , oats , barley , quinoa.
·       Proteins- all husked and dehusked  pulses are allowed and low fat diary products should be preferred
·       Fats- oils that are liquid at room temperature should be used like canola , olive and mustard oil
·       Sugars- Indirect sugars can be consumed like fruits
 For portion control one can use everyday objects or one’s hands to judge the size of a portion which will help in managing blood sugars well. One should hydrate his/her body by consuming adequate liquid (water) per day
 The meal for diabetic as well as non diabetic is distributed in 6 meal pattern which includes (3 major meals and 2 minor meal and 1 supper) .

 The behavioural medication is also important key for better blood sugar control.
Medical nutritional therapy (diet for diabetes) form a corner stone of treatment and is essential step in helping the diabetes and its complication under control .by individualised meal planning a diabetic individual can stay healthy as well as can enjoy his or her food as non- diabetic indiviuals.

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